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NewRo Cane Corso / Mizpeh Cane Corso

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At NewRo / Mizpeh Cane Corso, we really keep it simple. We love on our dogs daily and have lots of fun with them. Our Corso's are kept in a temperature controled enviorment and they spend a great amount of time in our home. We admire this breed because they are great companions, discerning and an excellent deterrent. 

Our aim is to promote a positive perception of the breed as well as produce the best cane corsos we can in health: conformation, pedigree and temperment constantly. We work extremely hard to put together an extensive package of information on each puppy for their new owners. This includes a personlized cd of pictures of the litter from birth to when they go to their new homes. You will have photos of your pup having a lot of fun in an enviornment created just for their enrichment. This enviornment offers pups things to crawl over: under & through. There are items to be walked on: toys, culverts and... to help develop fine motor skills at a young age.

Our pups go through an early socialization process that will affect the puppy for life. From the first week the pups are born until the pups are placed with a family, there is a weekly routine that we follow.

Once the puppies arrive, we began accepting deposits. The deposit amount is $300.00. Deposits are refundable on the following conditions: the sex & quality of the pup you wanted was not produced.

Each pup is placed in a home that is most appropriate for the family and the pup. The family dynamics, canine experience and the personality of the pup are a few factors that help in connecting the new owner and pup together as life partners.

We are located in the town of Pittsboro North Carolina, tar heel country. We are 15 miles from the University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill.


contact us by phone at (919) 799-0139