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NewRo Cane Corso / Mizpeh Cane Corso

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Next Litter Due June 2011
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Expecting two litters in June 2011
between  Levi & Akilah, Levi & Shakinah

Levi & Shakinah daughter 2010


Levi & Akilah son 2010


Levi & Shakinah son 2010

Levi & Shakinah daughter 2010

Levi & Akilah son 2010



Mizpeh Cane Corso's & NewRo Cane Corso, were connected

Welcome to our web site!

Thanks for visiting NewRo Cane Corso. We hope you enjoy your stay.

At NewRo Cane Corso our dogs are apart of the family as well as the community. On any given day, the kids in the community can be seen loving on our dogs. Our entire community is amazed with how loving and well balanced our gentle giants are. Some of the parent's have gathered up enough courage to give our dogs belly rubs while others keep a safe distance but all of the parent's allow their kids to have fun with our gang and their pups. Our dogs have lovingly upset the entire neighborhood, every kid wants a Corso!


At NewRo Cane Corso, we value you as a potential client and seek to build relational equity between us. We pride ourself with a high regard for customer satisfaction: business integrity and fidelity first to you and with all due respect, the breed. Therefore we recommend reading Cesar Millan's book "Be The Pack Leader" or at least purchasing one before you bring a Cane Corso into your home. The Corso is a very lovingly and loyal breed but they are protective and can be somewhat stubborn. Don't be duped these cute little pups will grow up to be the big dogs on the block. Every pup that is placed with a family is placed predicated on the new owners needs, their experience with canines and the temperment of the pup.

No, it's mine!
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.
You can e-mail us at:
We can be reached by phone at 919 799-0139

Many thanks extended to Clint Aska for his advice, generous heart and unselfish coaching. Without you Clint, none of this would be possible... Your mentorship and friendship are unparalleled! Thanks a 'mill' from your boy and the family.